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Why Advertise With Printing It 3D?

Get Your Message Heard by the 3D Printing Community! Printing It 3D is the go-to destination for the digital maker, delivering cutting-edge content on 3D printing, 3D scanning, CAD, laser cutting/engraving and beyond. We reach a wide range of audiences, including consumers, prosumers and enthusiastic makers. With a mix of industry news, expert product reviews, comprehensive guides, and engaging how-tos Printing It 3D offers a 360-degree view of the amazing world of 3D printing.

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Send Your Message Out in Style with a Sponsored Article! Let our team of expert writers and editors bring your message to life. Whether you’d like to provide the information and let our editorial staff craft the piece, or write it yourself and have it polished by our professionals, we’ve got you covered. Share your story with the world, the Printing It 3D way!

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What Is It?

Put Your Message Front and Center with Our Promotional Platform!

Whether it’s a product launch, a game-changing event, a must-read press release, a success story, or something else entirely, our platform is the perfect place to showcase it all. Get your message in front of a captive audience and take your brand to the next level with Printing It 3D!

How It Can Be Made?

Choose your team: write the article yourself or let our experts craft it for you. Either way, your message will be polished to perfection with a thorough review by our editorial team to ensure it meets our standards for quality and content. Get your story out there with Printing It 3D!

And What We Offer!

Your article will receive maximum exposure through our powerful promotion channels. From homepage placement to social media shoutouts, push notifications to newsletter features, your story will be seen and heard by our expansive audience. Get the word out with Printing It 3D!

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Mediavine, a full-service ad management company, is our partner of choice when it comes to display advertising. This choice isn’t arbitrary, but rather a deliberate decision made after a thorough assessment of the digital advertising landscape.

Mediavine, renowned for their high standards and commitment to quality, is instrumental in helping us create display ads that not only attract attention but also generate results. They have an exhaustive portfolio of diverse websites and a rich understanding of different audience segments, making them the perfect ally in our pursuit of creating compelling and effective display ads.

What sets Mediavine apart is their focus on optimizing ad performance without compromising the user experience. Their sophisticated algorithms ensure that the ads are non-intrusive and blend seamlessly into the content, hence maintaining a balance between monetization and user satisfaction. Plus, they have a dedicated team for troubleshooting and providing support, which allows us to address any challenges promptly.

Additionally, Mediavine is committed to transparency and data privacy. They adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring that all ads served are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

In short, our collaboration with Mediavine allows us to create and manage display ads that are engaging, compliant, and effective in reaching your target audience. This partnership empowers you to better understand your audience, create ads that resonate with them, and ultimately, achieve your marketing objectives.

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