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Why Are 3D Printers Not Common in Households?

You can find 3D printers in a lot of places today. They’re prevalent in schools, libraries, community centers, and businesses. However, you won’t find many 3D printers in homes- are you wondering why that is?

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You can find 3D printers in a lot of places today. They’re prevalent in schools, libraries, community centers, and businesses. However, you won’t find many 3D printers in homes- are you wondering why that is?

3D printers aren’t common in households because consumer 3D printers are more convenient to print in public centers when needed. They have limits on what they can print. Plus, not every home has access to the materials these printers require. Many people also don’t need to print 3D objects often.

With 3D printers, you can create a wide variety of items at home. However, it’s often more accessible for people to travel somewhere else (such as a public library) to use the printer. If you want to learn more about why 3D printers aren’t standard in households, make sure to stick around.

Why 3D Printers Aren’t Common in Households

There are a few main reasons why the 3D printer didn’t become mainstream in homes. There are three main factors, which include all of the following:

  • Difficult to use with design flaws
  • Expensive price tags
  • Not many household applications

If 3D printer manufacturers could address these issues, you could expect to see home 3D printers rise. These printers are complicated for the average person to use, and they cost a good amount of money.

Overall, if you want to get your 3D printer, you shouldn’t let these reasons hold you back. While it takes some time to learn to use the printer, you’ll be happy that you did.

Difficult To Use With Design Flaws

First of all, these household 3D printers are complicated to use. They have a ton of wires and can appear complex to beginners. If something goes wrong, beginners struggle to troubleshoot the printer and often give up without resolving the problem.

The overall designs of these printers also scare people away. However, as these products develop, they’re adopting cleaner techniques. When you see a newer printer, you’re less likely to feel intimidated by it. Plus, brands continue to address some design flaws with each new update.

Expensive Price Tags

That said, 3D printers are very costly. On average, you can expect to spend more than a few hundred dollars on a basic machine. If you want professional-looking prints, you’re going to need to spend even more than that- possibly twice as much!

Plus, the price tag on the printer doesn’t come with the materials. You’ll need to buy your plastics separately and restock them when you get low. For many, these costs won’t fit into their budget. 

However, as technology advances and printer manufacturers find more efficient ways to produce them, you may notice less expensive models becoming available. The cost is likely to be an essential deciding factor in many households until then.

If you’re looking to buy a 3D printer, you can find plenty of great options online, such as the ANYCUBIC Mega-S 3D Printer (available on The robust extruder works with several different types of filaments, including TPU, ABS, and PLA. Setting up the printer is also fast and straightforward so that you can print right away.

Not Many Household Applications

The final reason that you won’t see many 3D printers in homes is that they don’t have many uses there. If you had one at home, what would you print? Many people prefer not to buy one since they don’t have to use it very often.

There are so many different applications when it comes to 3D printers. However, many people can’t come up with uses for them in the home and prefer to use the ones available at community centers instead.

If you do love 3D printing, don’t let that discourage you. People are coming up with new objects to make every single day- each has its uses.

Will 3D Printers Become More Common?

3D printing exploded within the last few years. These machines give people a way to produce the products they need right at home- the possibilities are endless. You can print anything you require, as long as you have the right amount of materials. If manufacturers were to address consumers’ concerns, they’re sure to become more common in homes.

Over the next ten years, the market for 3D printing will grow dramatically. As people see these printers in educational and business settings, they’re sure to see their uses. Over time, more people will be interested in having them at home. 

Plus, manufacturers will create smaller, household versions of these printers. They’ll be more convenient for consumers to use at home and will come at a lower cost. Overall, you can expect 3D printers to become more available (and more appealing) to consumers within a few years.

Uses of 3D Printers at Home

There are so many different reasons you have your 3D printer at home. If you’re interested, you should consider purchasing one soon. You can make various objects, some of which would be useful in your everyday life. 

You can experiment with designs, print tools and decorations, and more. While many people feel that these printers don’t offer many household applications, you may be surprised with what you can come with. 

In short, we’re discovering new uses for 3D printers at home every day. If you love making things and enjoy tinkering with designs, you’re sure to enjoy having your printer. Plus, you’ll find plenty of unique uses for it.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are a few main reasons why 3D printers aren’t standard in households today. These issues include complexity, cost, and people not knowing what to make at home. If manufacturers rectify these issues, they’re sure to sell more printers to general consumers.

Overall, you can expect printers to continue growing in popularity during the upcoming years. More and more households are sure to use them. Until then, many people will continue using them at public locations. Do you think you’ll have a 3D printer at home?

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